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We at The Orpheum love live theatre, but we also appreciate a good film!  With Halloween just around the corner, these classic horror films are sure to put us all in the spooky spirit. We are so excited to once again be doing our Orpheum After Dark Fright Film Fest! Come by the Orpheum Theatre every Friday of October at 8pm to enjoy some FREE scary movies!
Thank you to the Flacco-Nesselroad Family for sponsoring these movies! Without the generous support of sponsors like you, we could not continue to bring these movies to The Orpheum free of charge.

The movies in these series may not be appropriate for all ages so viewer beware.

ORPHEUM AFTER DARK fright film fest 2023.jpg

We've got a great line up of films this year including:
The Mummy (1932)
October 6th
Suspiria (1977)
October 13th

An American Werewolf in London (1981)
October 20th

Candyman (1992)
October 27th


...and join us for more scary movies with our Double Feature event!
This year, in junction with our Orpheum After Dark Fright Film Fest, we are excited to announce A Scary Movie Double Feature on Saturday October 14th at 7pm Presented by The Orpheum Theatre, Severin Films, and I Like It Spooky Horror Podcast we are excited to be showing the films
Next of Kin 
Strange Behavior

Strange Behavior, set in Galesburg Illinois is a truly chilling tale, and it's counterpart Next of Kin is equally blood curdling. So join us this October for even more Fright Film fun!
Thank you so much to the Flacco-Nesselroad family for sponsoring these films!
"Dead Kids" courtesy of Antony I. Ginnane Copyright 1981 Banon Glen Pty Ltd


Strange Behavior Final (1)-1.png

Design a poster for The Orpheum
Compete in our poster design contest, and get the chance to have your art featured in The Orpheum poster box and on our social media, and win Orpheum merch, plus free pop-corn at every Fright Film Fest Movie!
The rules are simple, create a poster that has all of the following elements to be considered for our contest!​

  1. Have the title "Orpheum After Dark" 

  2. Include all of our Fright Film Fest titles, dates, and times (listed above)

  3. Include our name, address, phone number and website link 

    1. The Orpheum Theatre
      S. Kellogg St, Galesburg IL​


  4. Include the word FREE somewhere on your poster

Other than that, have fun! Use digital art or paint or colored pencils, or whatever else you want to create the best poster you can and submit it to us by July 21st to be considered in our poster design competition!

Email your poster submissions as a pdf, png, or jpg to

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