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The Full Story

Renovations and Projects

On top of being an amazing venue and local hub of music, cinema, theatre, and entertainment, The Orpheum Theatre is also proud to be one of Galesburg's historic buildings. Built in 1916, The Orpheum proudly stands as a window into Galesburg's past. 

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Roof Update and Repairs

We are so excited to be in the process of updating our roof. The rubber and insulation on the top needed to be updated and replaced, and some general maintenance needed to get done/ Thank you to 

Front Door Replacement

It's been a while since we got new front doors, but we finally got the funding, and first glass came in to install our doors at the beginning of May! Its nice to have theses clean new front doors in such great working condition. Thanks for keeping our theatre up and running

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Brick Work

Our building, like much of Galesburg, features brick from the Purington brick factory. Most of our brick are original from when the theatre was built in 1916, and so they require some upkeep, to keep everything in good condition. Right now, we've got local masons hard at work tuck pointing bricks all around our building. Here they are working on our northern foundation 

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