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And thank you as well to our sponsors and grantors whose organization contribute to the continued function and well-being of our theatre!

Sponsors 2023
G&M Distributors ($3k)
Nutrl Hard Seltzer ($3k)
Blick Art Materials ($3k)
F&M Bank ($1.5k)
Tri-States Water Pools & Spa ($300)
Hinchliff Pearson West Funeral Directors & Cremation Services ($1k)

Sponsors 2022
Dave's Auto Body ($2.5k)
G&M Distributors ($2.5k)
Blick Art Materials ($3k)
Shops at Seminary & Main ($1k)
F&M Bank ($3k)

Grantors 2022-23
Galesburg Community Foundation ($19k)
State of Illinois ($150k)
Illinois Arts Council Agency ($150k)


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