The Orpheum Theatre Presents

The Orpheum Theatre Presents is a less formal sort of series.  We no longer sell season packages or announce our shows all at once.  Please read on for more info!

In order to get our patrons the finest quality performances, larger names, and best bang for your buck, we have begun booking our shows less far in advance.  In turn, this allows us to book performers that may be passing through the area and are looking for a date to fill their schedules.  So, The Orpheum Theatre Presents offers events that we have chosen specifically to put onto our stage: acts that we wish to share with the community.

This can range from musicians, documentaries, comedians, and so much more.  But, you can be assured that if the event title is preceded with “The Orpheum Theatre Presents” or followed by, “presented by The Orpheum Theatre,” that it is one of ours!  

In addition to The Orpheum Theatre Presents, we host productions and performances from agencies and organizations that rent the theatre.  Some of our most regular renters are part of our Tenants Series.

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