Support The Orpheum Theatre

And thank you as well to our sponsors and grantors whose organization contribute to the continued function and well-being of our theatre!

Sponsors 2023
G&M Distributors ($3k)
Nutrl Hard Seltzer ($3k)
Blick Art Materials ($3k)
F&M Bank ($1.5k)
Tri-States Water Pools & Spa ($300)
Hinchliff Pearson West Funeral Directors & Cremation Services ($1k)

Sponsors 2022
Dave’s Auto Body ($2.5k)
G&M Distributors ($2.5k)
Blick Art Materials ($3k)
Shops at Seminary & Main ($1k)
F&M Bank ($3k)

Grantors 2022-23
Galesburg Community Foundation ($19k)
State of Illinois ($150k)
Illinois Arts Council Agency ($150k)

Volunteer at The Orpheum Theatre

Orpheum Volunteers dedicate hundreds of hours of their time to the theatre, a value of nearly $50,000 a year.  Anyone can volunteer, and we have a variety of volunteers from different backgrounds and age groups: students, families, retried persons to name a few.  There are many volunteer positions available: from door greeter to concessions vendor or theatre tech worker.​

If you are interested in joining The Orpheum Theatre Volunteer Corps, call the theatre at 309/342.2299 or email our Box Office Manager and volunteer coordinator:!

Orpheum Volunteers

This is a list of individuals that we would like to thank for donating their most valuable resource, their time, to The Orpheum Theatre. We could not do what we do today with out the support of our incredible volunteers, ushering shows, running concessions, helping run tech and spotlight, working on our building, and supporting us in everything we do! We cannot thank these individuals enough! 

Jill Bradford
Larry Brady
Rhonda Brady
Elaine Clayton
Trudy Coe
Kelly Corbin
Hannah Dixon
Sallie Dodd
Ann Ehler
Sharon Farquer
Penny Flesner
Carol Gibson
Jean Ann Glasnovich
Renee Jenkins
Donna Johnson
Gladys Keene
Dianne Lasak
Naomi Law
Carol Marshall
Annette McAllister
Karin McIntire
Wayne McIntire
Jill McNamara
Judith Morgan
Gary Morgan ​
Janet Page
Amy Reathaford
Jean Rehn
Matthew Smith
Tiffany Springer
Kay Stake
Jensen Stoneking
Jeanne Struble
Hannah Talbott
Morgen Talbott
Roberta Talbott
Tim Talbott
Diane Thompson
Deb Trant
Penny Wagher

Centennial Capital Campaign

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